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  • Stephanie Schultz

Free Intro Offer for BIPOC Folx

One Yoga recognizes that we are a predominantly white studio. We value our BIPOC teachers and want to amplify their voices. Here is a message from Chance, James, nathaniel, Paula, and Liz:

“To our yoga community, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and beyond, we’re pleased to work for an organization that is dedicated to health equity and that actively works towards breaking down social, cultural, and economic barriers to yoga. Right now, we all need a space to rest, rejuvenate, and heal during our sustained fight for racial justice. More specifically, we understand that our BIPOC communities might be experiencing more duress during this time. Because of this, we invite you to join us at One Yoga with a free Intro Offer. With this offer you can attend any class for an entire month. We acknowledge that practicing with instructors who are BIPOC can help create a safe space for some folks, and we want to highlight ourselves as those instructors, but invite you to practice with other teachers if it feels right for you.”

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