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  • Stephanie Schultz

Instructor Spotlight: Amanda Frayeh

This month we are catching up with Amanda! She says:

"If I had to sum up my winter in one word, it would be 'routine.' Like the uneven terrain of an icy sidewalk, this past year has challenged all of us to adapt to change. This constant dance of "pivoting and adapting" has not only fostered resilience and compassion, but has also led to exhaustion. To restore my energy, I've intentionally created routines for myself that are comforting and grounding. For me, this has looked like practicing yoga, drinking tea (plus my non-negotiable morning cup of coffee), reading books, playing with my cats (Machu and Picchu), and putting on lots of layers to run outside. One Yoga's online classes and community are another key part of my routine-they always brighten my mood and inspire me to continue growing as an instructor. One silver lining of this past year is that I have been able to take a number of teacher trainings related to anatomy, sequencing, injury prevention, and pain care. It's been fun to incorporate this information into classes in a way that provides both consistency and variety." - Amanda

Join Amanda for Vinyasa on Thursdays at 7:00am and Fridays at 4:30pm.

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