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  • Stephanie Schultz

New Class: Led Primary Series Ashtanga w/ Vaughn Powell

New Class Alert!

This summer, join Vaughn Powell for Led Primary Series Ashtanga on the third Friday of the month: July 15, August 19, and September 16 from 7:15-8:45am at the Ivy Arts Building.

Vaughn began her yoga journey shortly after moving to Minneapolis in 2016. What started as a weekly Vinyasa class at a local gym turned into an interest in the body’s movements and the liberation of the mind through body-based practices.

As her interest continued, she explored different avenues of movement, one, in particular, being Ashtanga yoga. The focus and discipline required in Ashtanga appealed to her anxious mind. The stillness within each posture and the breath required to arrive at every movement found itself integrating into her daily life. Four years later, the practice has become an anchor for grounding that she feels privileged to share with other students.

Ashtanga yoga is a fluid, athletic yoga sequence consisting of sun salutations, standing, seated and finishing postures that synchronizes the flow of conscious breath, precise movement, specific gaze points and directed energy.

Register for Led Primary Series Ashtanga with Vaughn:

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