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  • Stephanie Schultz

New Class: Sunday Ashtanga Vinyasa

NEW CLASS ALERT: Sunday 11:00am Ashtanga Vinyasa w/ Rosemary Erb! Begins this Sunday, February 12!

About the class:

In Ashtanga Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga’s Sun Salutations, Fundamental Postures, and Closing Sequence will be the container for a more creative and experimental Vinyasa Flow to be held within. Alternatives for postures and transitions will be explored, as well as shorter forms of classic Vinyasa yoga posture sequences. Some things will be familiar, some things will be a surprise. This is a vigorous, moving practice that can become meditative and energizing, or bring clarity and grounding as effects. Free breathing with sound is the music. There will be some mantra and as always, a short rest to integrate at the end of each class.

About the instructor:

Rosemary began her Yoga journey by attending several gatherings put on by Gorilla Yogis. This group held serious Vinyasa yoga fun in unlikely places for a good cause. In 2013, Rosemary graduated with a 500-hour YTT certificate and some real interests: Vinyasa for its creativity and rigor, Yin for its slow and steady approach to a posture flow, and Yoga Sutras for philosophy and inspiration. She learned about Adaptive Yoga plus a dash of Street Yoga to bring things very different from her experience into more familiarity. Rosemary then took a week-long Primary Series Immersion and began her Mysore style practice and now teaches many Led Primary Series classes and works in Mysore programs around the Twin Cities. Rosemary enjoys Ashtanga’s structure and measured approach--it really can become a moving meditation. The asana sequences may be set, but every practice experience is unique! Community is fostered and everyone who wants to practice can have a place.

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