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Please Welcome Our New Board Members

Please welcome our new board members Khamara Pettus (she/her) and Olivia Pelham (she/her) to One Yoga! They will bring creativity, community-building and fundraising skills, and passion for yoga and social justice to our organization. Learn more about them below:

Khamara Pettus (she/her)

Khamara holds a degree in Political Science from Washington University in St. Louis and a professional certificate in acting from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. A life-long learner, Khamara has also taken advantage of numerous professional development opportunities including courses provided by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits at Propel Nonprofits in Minneapolis, MN and the Management Center in Washington, DC.

Khamara has been a board member of the Friends School of Minnesota and the co-chair of the school’s Development Committee where she introduced the school to community-centric fundraising principles and pushed the school to think creatively about fundraising in ways that match the school’s values and build community. Also, she has served on grant panels and advisory councils including Minnesota Public Radio’s Generation Listen Advisory Council, which helped shape content in service of MPR's mission; and the City of St. Paul’s Cultural STAR Board, which provides grants and loans to St. Paul cultural projects and organizations.

Olivia Pelham (she/her)

Olivia Pelham received a Bachelor of Arts in History from Bethel University and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Hamline University. She has worked in education, radio, broadcast journalism, and film/TV/commercial production. Currently, she works as a production coordinator and second assistant director in the Twin Cities. An avid reader, watcher of films, lover of travel, writer, and seeker, her greatest passions in life focus on conversations, learning, relationships, and expanding horizons. She loves to brainstorm, develop ideas with others, and think outside the box.

Olivia developed an interest in Yoga early on in life when yoga classes were an everyday activity at her elementary school in Brussels, Belgium. For her, Yoga is a valuable part of a personal journey involving growth and change in the physical, spiritual, and emotional realms of life. Olivia is also interested in the profound pathways that Yoga can offer relating to relationships, community, inclusion, and healing from trauma.

Kharama and Olivia join Jenni Bratulich and Bryan Carpenter on our Board of Directors.

Jenni Bratulich (she/her)

Jenni Bratulich is a long-time yoga practitioner and devoted student. She currently serves as the Director of Development and Partnerships at AmazeWorks, a Twin Cities based nonprofit whose mission is to create cultures of equity and belonging in schools and communities. She is also a certified yoga instructor (200 hour YTT) and trained doula, supporting mothers and families in self-care and mindfulness practices. Jenni is committed to creating safe and nurturing spaces for people to be cared for and empower themselves. She is on a life-long journey of helping others develop self-compassion and self-advocacy, and has always sought to help create, encourage, and sustain meaningful communities of belonging. Jenni has personally benefited from the impact of yoga in her life, and is committed to bringing her knowledge, experiences, and passion to One Yoga. When she’s not working or with her family, Jenni enjoys watching good TV, spending time with friends, dancing, hiking, reading, and continuing to practice mindfulness and self-care in her own life.

Bryan Carpenter (he/him)

Within the Mysore-style practice space relationship is paramount to fostering a balanced [and by extension a sustainable] approach toward the physical and mental aspects of a “practice." As an instructor, I strive to establish an environment of support, trust, and open communication. I facilitate the individual’s path of growth which these rich traditions hold and impart to all who seek their limitless knowledge. It is a journey aided by the wisdom imparted by those who practice(d).

If you are interested in joining the One Yoga Board of Directors and helping us further our mission of improving health equity in the community, please send a cover letter and resume to

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