You can purchase a Monthly Membership for only $85/month – that’s only $21.25 a week – and you take as many yoga classes as you want each month.

Our Monthly Membership is a three-month commitment that is paid monthly and auto-renews every three months. Read our Terms and Conditions of Membership Agreement for all the details.

Risk-free Membership

  • $85/month
  • No set-up fees
  • No transaction fees
  • No cancellation fees

Price Comparison

The more often you practice, the more affordable your Monthly Membership is per class!

5xmonth 6xmonth 8xmonth 10xmonth
$17.00 $14.17 $10.63 $8.50

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Our Monthly Membership truly fulfills the purpose of One Yoga. With an affordable monthly rate, students can attend unlimited yoga classes without worrying about how many classes they have remaining on a class pass, or making sure they have enough money to pay for a single class. With a Monthly Membership, the necessity of having to pay for each individual visit to the studio is eliminated.

Purchase My Monthly Membership

Membership Privileges

  • Unlimited monthly yoga classes
  • Two (2) guest passes each month (limited to new students only)
  • 20% discount on One Yoga retail (not to be combined with other discounts)
  • 40% discount on an introductory acupuncture session with Viki Adducci at One Yoga (details available at the front desk)
  • Convenient automatic monthly payment from credit card, debit card, checking or savings account
  • Optional 1-3 month hold/freeze available to accommodate vacation or health issues

Contact our Yoga Advisor

Our Yoga Advisor Shira K. Charis, is here to help you get the most out of your ​Monthly Membership.

Shira is happy to answer your questions or concerns​ related to practicing at One Yoga.​

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