The following One Yoga guidelines are aligned with the values of the yogic tradition. We encourage students to engage these practices as a way of enhancing the positive effects of yoga for yourself and other members of our community.

Be on time for class.
Arriving at least 10-15 minutes before class allows you to get settled and shows consideration for your teacher and fellow students. If you are running more than 10 minutes late please plan to attend the next class on the schedule. If you arrive during the opening meditation please wait to set up your mat and props until movement begins.

Remove your shoes upon entering the building.
We ask everyone to take their shoes off at the door because we move around the studio and practice yoga in bare feet. Feel free to bring your socks into the studio.

No cell phone use in the studio or common areas.
Make sure your phone and/or smart watch are turned off completely before class.

Be respectful of those who are practicing by keeping conversations in the common areas at a low volume.
Conversation within the studios should be kept to a minimum.

Avoid using perfumes and other products with fragrance.
Please take steps to ensure that your body and clothing are odor-free.

Don’t skip savasana (final rest pose). It is an important part of your practice.
If you must leave early, let your teacher know before class and they will cue you to start savasana early.Practice ahimsa or nonviolence.
Ahimsa is the principle of nonviolence toward all living things, including ourselves. Please respect any physical limitations. Students are invited to share relevant conditions – such as injuries, pregnancy, or asthma, or allergies – with your instructor so they can suggest modifications during class. If you are not comfortable with adjustments please let the instructor know by placing a consent card (orange side up) next to your mat.

Practice dana or generosity.
Many of our programs and supplies are offered freely or for reduced rates in keeping with the tradition of dana or generosity. We invite students to reflect on the value that One Yoga brings to their lives and likewise practice dana by giving back in a way that feels meaningful. Dana practice takes many forms (i.e. financial contributions, volunteering, kindness, etc.) and it is up to you to determine what feels right!

Remember to breathe and be present.