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Help Grow Our Sliding-Fee Program on Give to the Max Day!

Help Grow One Yoga’s Sliding-Fee Program During Give to the Max Day 2022!

Through our Sliding-Fee Program, we offer reduced rates on class passes and monthly memberships for individuals from low-income households or those experiencing financial hardship. In line with our mission of improving health equity in our community and making yoga accessible to all, our Sliding-Fee Program ensures that all community members have access to our class offerings regardless of their financial situation. Currently, 45 out of 136 One Yoga members, or 33 percent, participate in our Sliding-Fee Program.

Your financial contribution toward our goal of raising $5,000 during GTMD22 will help ensure we have funding to subsidize the cost of membership for 17 new Sliding-Fee participants.

Standard membership at One Yoga costs $75 per month, and your GTMD22 contribution helps pay the difference for Sliding-Fee participants. With $5,000 we can add 17 additional students to our Sliding-Fee Program, which is a 38 percent increase in program participants.

Here's what current Sliding-Fee Program students have to say:

  • "I am so grateful to be able to participate in One Yoga through their Sliding-Fee Program. Yoga has been a transformative practice in my life, positively shaping both my mental and physical health. Many places to keep up a regular yoga practice in the Twin Cities are very cost prohibitive for me. Being able to practice at One Yoga without worrying about cost allows me to stay focused on the personal growth I am striving for on the mat, without having to bring my day-to-day worries about money into the studio with me."

  • "Over the past decade, I ran into serious health issues that made working full-time impossible. One Yoga is the only yoga center in Minneapolis that I have found to not treat yoga as a glorified aerobics program. The range of classes, including gentle and yin classes, is a refreshing offer to seek better health."

  • "One Yoga has been a key factor to keeping my 20+ year-long yoga practice afloat. As the owner of a small business that was hit hard by the pandemic, the sliding scale option they offer has enabled me to keep practicing with well-trained, knowledgeable teachers."

  • "I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years and love the intention, expertise, and presence of the teachers with One Yoga. The sliding scale program has helped me access yoga at a challenging time in my life and I’m so grateful."

  • "I am very fortunate to benefit from the Sliding-Fee program at One Yoga. As a retired senior, the program has helped me resume my yoga practice this year and it has never been more important to me. Because of the program I am able to regularly attend the classes that are helping me maintain my practice, which has become essential to my physical and mental health. My experience at One Yoga and benefitting from the Sliding-fee program has been a real gift. Everyone at One Yoga has been so welcoming and supportive and they have helped me continue to grow and learn. I couldn’t be more grateful."

  • "One Yoga has been a special place for me these past 10 months. The current yoga class I am participating in provides a quiet, peaceful, affirming experience during a time when the world feels off kilter. As a participant in the sliding fee scale program I am able to benefit from my new yoga practice. The program provides access for all that have an interest, and that is even more critical during these challenging times."

Help make yoga more accessible to more folks like these by donating today at

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