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Class Descriptions

Gentle Flow helps release stress and tension through conscious breathing, gentle movement, and stretching. This class is appropriate for all ages, abilities, fitness levels, and body types, as well as those who are recovering from injury or illness. It is a great option for new students.


Hatha refers to the balancing of our receptive and active energies. This balance is achieved through slow-flowing movement, well-aligned postures, breath work, intentional core engagement and meditation.


Kundalini yoga aims to awaken the divine energy that resides in all of us through pranayama, asana and meditation.


Meditation is the practice of resting into the present moment experience of the body and mind. Meditation fosters joy, tranquility, concentration, and equanimity.

Mysore Ashtanga students practice the Ashtanga yoga sequence at their own pace with individual attention from the teacher including hands-on adjustments and verbal cuing. Students may arrive anytime during the class. New students are welcome and encouraged to contact instructors Bryan and Phoebe by emailing


Restorative yoga reduces stress and soothes the nervous system through gentle postures, breathing practices, and meditation.


Vinyasa is a rhythmic practice that energizes the body and quiets the mind by using conscious breath to flow dynamically from posture to posture through a variety of transitional movements. Vinyasa+ includes intermediate to advanced postures such as binds, arm balances and inversions.


Yin Yoga induces a deeper state of flexibility and awareness through sustained holds, allowing muscles to relax, energy to flow more freely in the body, and the mind to settle. Yin Yoga is an excellent complement to the fundamentally yang nature of more dynamic yoga and other activities.

Yoga for BIPOC is an all-levels Hatha yoga class offering a healing space for those identifying as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to help improve their physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. Yoga for BIPOC is an entry point for people new to yoga, as well as a means for those with yoga experience to continue to evolve their practice.


Yoga Nidra cultivates a relaxation of the body and mind through awareness of breath, feelings, sensations, and consciousness. Practice often includes establishing an intention at the beginning and a clarifying resolution at the conclusion.

Yoga for Sleep begins with gentle movement followed by restorative postures to support your system to prepare for a restful night of sleep. Practice closes with a yoga nidra guided meditation.

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