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  • Stephanie Schultz

Instructor Spotlight: Angela Vincent

This month we are checking in with Angela!

"This past year has truly been about leaning into the fullness of life and the ongoing quest for sustaining balance amidst it all. Personally, I have felt the constant call to sit with the discomfort, that which has come from grief, isolation, uncertainty, and the many challenges of our times. For years, I have found peace and healing through movement, writing, meditation, and yoga nidra. In these early days of 2021, I create space for these. My meditation and mantra practice are non-negotiable in my daily life. I am grateful for these tools that nurture steadiness, ignite courage, and honor all that is arising within me.

As I look to the horizon, I see boundless potential for growth and change. My hope for the coming year is that we all have the courage and resolve to lean into this time and learn from it. May we give ourselves space to transform, which will inevitably ripple throughout our world. May we remember the power of presence and significance in small acts of generosity and kindness. May we step into this opening that is calling forth our best selves to show up. And, from that deep sense of alignment may we serve our communities well and continue to be engaged citizens." - Angela

Join Angela on Tuesdays at 4:30pm for Vinyasa and Fridays at 9:30am for Hatha.

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