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  • Stephanie Schultz

Welcome to Lexi Falek, Our New Membership & Engagement Director!

A headshot style photo of Lexi Falek, One Yoga's new Membership and Engagement Director. Lexi has short dark curly hair, is wearing earrings and a green tank top, and has tattoes on her bare arms.
Lexi Falek

We are excited to announce we have welcomed Lexi Falek (she/her) to the Leadership Team at One Yoga as our new Membership & Engagement Director!

Lexi is currently enrolled in yoga teacher training- studying the 8 limbs of yoga, anatomy, and meditation. While learning from faculty, she has noticed a new appreciation for unique, authentic personalities and representations in yoga teachers. She feels inspired to be a part of a team that values the same thing.

"Practicing yoga and yogic philosophy has given me clarity to process my experiences with a sense of tenderness and non-judgment, " Lexi says. "Through becoming a part of this yoga community, I have seen what it can do for other beautiful souls, and have loved celebrating growth for us, individually and as a whole."

Before joining One Yoga, she worked with nonprofits in harm reduction, reproductive health, and sexual wellness. Within those roles, she showed up with the awareness to meet everyone where they were at, with kindness, and compassion. Continuing to work in nonprofits, while integrating the mission of One Yoga, feels special to her.

"I really appreciate being able to work in a space that is so welcoming, a space that supports healing and wellbeing," she says. "I'm thrilled to have the chance to embody that support for all the amazing students, volunteers, and staff."

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