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  • Stephanie Schultz

Work-Study Spotlight: Crystalyn Bauer

This month we are highlighting work-study volunteer Crystalyn Bauer!

"I volunteer at One Yoga because I believe in the mission of the studio and because I found a lot of personal enjoyment and healing from the classes I took when I first joined. One Yoga gives students a wide range of classic yoga options that are not always found in mainstream yoga studios. I have been volunteering since February of 2020 at the front desk at the studio and checking people in at the outdoor classes we did in the parks.

I have a goal to do a yoga class of some kind in each of the 50 states! It's a work in progress, but after finding the peace that yoga brings, I like to incorporate it into my vacations and to see what other places offer. Besides yoga I play volleyball and enjoy keeping an active schedule of fun activities, especially in the summertime!​

I am so happy we have in-person classes again! Seeing everyone again has been AMAZING!"

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