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Studio Rental

We are excited to offer our studio space during non-class times to groups and individuals for meeting, practicing, gathering, resting, or working. The studio space can be contracted for one time or on a recurring basis.


Space specs:

  • Full space is 2100 sq ft (practice space is ~1400 sq ft)

  • Finished wood floors

  • Large south-facing windows overlooking the Midtown Greenway

  • Fluorescent and soft overhead lighting options

  • Window AC unit and overhead heating

  • Three changing stalls in the lobby

  • Lobby with floor seating. Additional folding chairs for seating available upon request.

  • Neighboring art, theater, music organizations

  • Accessible via elevator from first floor to second floor

  • Gender neutral bathrooms available in the building


The renter agrees to:

  • One Yoga Code of Conduct

  • Bring in their own equipment for audio, video, projection, etc.

  • Refrain from smoking or using any alcoholic beverages on the premises and enforce the no smoking or alcoholic beverage policy for all guests and attendees of his classes.

  • Refrain from using candles and scents in the studio.

  • Not hold One Yoga liable for any accident or injury that occurs on the premises.

  • Indemnify One Yoga for any damage to One Yoga’s property that occurs during use of One Yoga’s studio.

  • Indemnify One Yoga for any lost or stolen property such as lounge items, yoga props, or other items that belong to One Yoga.


Next steps:

  • Please fill out this form to start the application process for renting the One Yoga studio space. If you are part of a BIPOC group, LGBTQIA+ group, or another historically marginalized group, please indicate that on the form for reduced or free rates for your gathering. We will offer the space to one group for free every month as part of our commitment to equity in the community.

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