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  • Stephanie Schultz

A Heartfelt Thank You

We are so grateful to everyone who had a hand in helping us open the new studio. We couldn't have done it without these wonderful people and companies.

Josh Scardina, our building manager at the Ivy Building, who has helped us in so many ways these past few months, answered our questions, and has just been a genuinely awesome person!

Yolanda and Belisario of Yolanda's House Cleaning and Painting Services, for sealing our floors and painting the walls, ceiling, and doors. Premium Moving Services for helping us get our stuff into the studio. Laura Kelly for taking on a unique project of hemming our curtain.

Silent Fox Studio and Moon Juice Art for the incredible mural we get to admire every day.

Danny Johnson, Phoebe Krejci, Jana Huffman, Sofia Silva Zapatta, Greg Hines, Ben Vincent, and Angela Vincent who came to our community work days to build cabinets, clean, and organize.

And of course, the biggest thank you ever to Bryan Carpenter, who helped the One Yoga Leadership Team throughout the entire move process, from selecting the location, to designing the interior layout, to building and installing the changing rooms, front desk, curtain track, and so much more. We truly couldn't have done this without Bryan!

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