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  • Stephanie Schultz

Announcing Our New Studio Location

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Dear One Yoga community members,

One Yoga is thrilled to announce our impending lease at the Ivy Arts Building in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. The journey we have gone through together to get here has been long, labored, and included surprises. This potential location was not included in our survey to students about location options. We apologize for the lack of transparency and communication around this location change and decision. The Ivy Arts Building appeared as a viable option for us soon after the survey was sent.

The decision to sign a lease at the Ivy Arts Building offers One Yoga a prudent financial choice and the time to:

  • build a solid foundation from which to strengthen our infrastructure;

  • determine what business framework makes the most mission, community, and fiscal sense;

  • and ultimately, how One Yoga may better propel the vision of health equity in the Twin Cities.

One Yoga is a multi-tiered organization that encourages and supports many voices, and thus requires more time, effort, and conversation to inform and direct actions. The primary groups that guided the move process are: One Yoga staff members, teachers, students, and board of directors. The location options that were highlighted through this process each illuminated differing attributes which were helpful in fostering deeper conversations within our organization about the essence of One Yoga and its role through a larger community and mission-driven lens. These conversations allowed us clarity in what attributes will allow One Yoga to thrive as an organization. The inherent attributes—as well as the liabilities of each location—allowed us to determine the wisdom of seeking another opportunity that nurtured location, mission, and a sustainable operational and financial template in a singular package.

The Ivy Arts Building will allow One Yoga to advance a balanced operation that sustains and allows further growth of our mission. We are very excited about advancing this new home, and while we have not yet signed a lease, we expect to once the building complex receives their certificate of occupancy in the coming weeks. Then we can begin a few small projects to get the space ready for in-person classes, and we hope to be able to gather together in the new studio over the winter months.

We are incredibly grateful for your persistence and commitment to this community.


Claire, James, Shira, Stephanie

One Yoga Leadership Team

Bryan, Ben, Julia, David

One Yoga Board of Directors

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