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Cancelled: Yoga Lab Pt. 1: Kosha Mapping

Updated: Apr 5

A light skinned arm reaches through a hole in the wall with the text Yoga Lab Pt 1 Kosha Mapping

4/5 update: This workshop has been cancelled.

A kosha is a covering, a discernible layer of human experience. If navigating the inner body is an art, self-study is the science.

Using markers, crayons, and colored pencils, each participant will illustrate their unique encounters with the body's five koshas or sheaths. A guided meditation on the physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual, and bliss bodies will be interspersed with artistic intermissions to creatively interpret your findings.

Upcoming dates:

April 6: Yoga Lab Pt 1 Kosha Mapping

April 13: Yoga Lab Pt 2 The Magic Square

FORMAT: This is an in-person workshop taking place in the studio at One Yoga, 2637 27th Ave S, Suite 207, Minneapolis, MN 55406. Online pre-registration is strongly encouraged. Please email any questions about your online account or the workshop to

PRICING: This workshop is priced on a sliding scale. Choose an amount that feels right for you.

Led by Greg Hines

Saturday, April 6, 2024, 10:00-11:30am

In person at the studio

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