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  • Stephanie Schultz

Earth Day Workshop: A Sphere Unto Yourself

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Earth references the archetype of perfection, wholeness, connection: A SPHERE UNTO ITSELF! We, too, reference the archetypes of geometry to befit postures that dance with the human body's design. There is no such thing as a straight line in Nature (or the spine, for that matter) because life swerves, curves, and bends.

This "well-rounded" workshop combines theory, movement, and meditation to envision your sphere of influence and evaluate your circumstances with regard to the forms of the body. Participants will play with wheel poses, plow variations, and windmill movements to cultivate a sense of centeredness and inner radiance.

This workshop is priced on a sliding scale to support folks who would like to attend but may not have the financial means to do so. Choose an amount that feels right for you ($30-$150).

Led by Greg Hines

Saturday, April 22, 1:00-3:00pm

In-person or virtual

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