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Farewell to the Studio Space

It’s been bittersweet, the last two months packing up our studio space of 10 years to put into storage, a farewell to this incarnation of One Yoga.

I was hired for the studio’s relocation into this space, and I’ve spent quite a lot of my last decade within these walls: practicing, learning, and growing as a yoga teacher and student, and finding more to do within the community and nonprofit organization.

These rooms are rich with memories and breath and tears and revelations. It’s sad to see the emptiness here. So to avoid overwhelm, I set into the details: What should we keep? How will we move the Ganesh statue? Who will take the Norfolk pine tree? Would it be better to start fresh new new things and clear energy?

All through the packing-up process I taught my online classes (6 days a week). Through sharing my sadness with students, it unfolded that the richness of One Yoga is still vibrantly present, right there in our livestream classes and in our Zoom staff, board, and teacher meetings.

This is One Yoga.

The studio space I’ve been packing up is strong in my memory (and we leave behind fantastic mojo) but that chapter is done.

2020 has helped One Yoga reinvent itself as a virtual (for now) studio, and I am looking forward with curiosity and optimism to see what is to come in 2021.

- Shira, One Yoga instructor & Client Services Director

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