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Instructor Spotlight: Courtney Bolstad

Gardening. Being a lifelong Minnesotan, it’s why I stay. Our change of seasons allows me to enjoy the full display Mother Nature has to offer. All summer long, I love to work in my garden, from dawn until dusk. There is always something to do, which soothes my Virgo sun.

I recognize what nourishes my soul in the garden. Witnessing all that unfurls from the soil, what comes to feed on the nectar of the flowers or decimate the foliage, what blooms, what wilts and what cuts down a single stem at its base. The buzzing of the bees, the crawling and the flying creatures, the drilling of a woodpecker, the sweet smell of the soil or the stagnant smell over by the faucet. My senses are alive in the garden.

With nature as my teacher, I work as an eager student, soaking up the sun, sweating in the heat, rescuing from the drought and dancing, gratefully in the few and precious raindrops when they come.

I am looking forward to the next season, fall, the season of my birth. I feel at home in this season, as I do in Minnesota. It is the best place to soak it up, the coolness of the air, the color all around, the bounty of the harvest and the peak of the garden.

Mother Nature shows her best and highest display of beauty before she lay it all down for a long and well deserved slumber, snuggled in the frozen soil, under a thick white blanket of snow.

I am a daughter of nature, in the urban landscape. I am nourished by the earth. I drink in the artistry of my surroundings, the rising of the sun, the songs of the birds, the sting of the mosquito as the sun drops again, below the horizon to tell me it’s time to go inside, rest and recuperate for the next rise of the sun.

That is what I’m looking forward to. That, and peaches.

Sun Kiss, Courtney

Practice Kundalini with Courtney on Saturdays at 9:30am on Zoom.

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