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  • Stephanie Schultz

Instructor Spotlight: James Orione

This month we are catching up with James!

He says: “As our world continues to bring forth challenges we've longed to not face and/or force us to step forward into the unknown of radical transformation, we are also being asked how are we caring for ourselves. First, it was riding the COVID wave in its various stages which allowed us to go inward whether we wanted to or not. Then, the murder of George Floyd was a wake up call to many to uprise and demand justice. Now, what are we doing to be the change we want to see? As I ponder all of this, a way I have stayed grounded is by getting back to the earth with long walks through my neighborhood, hammocking with my daughter, and gardening. There is nothing like getting your hands in the dirt. I challenge you to ask yourself, "What seeds have I planted? How am I tending to my garden? Will I enjoy my harvest when it comes?" When everything is uprooted, it is time to plant some new seeds for a better you, better community, and better world.”

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