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Join Us for a Fall Workshop!

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

We are excited to present a schedule of fall workshops in September, October, and November in collaboration with our awesome instructors!


Embodiment and boundary work go hand-in-hand to create a recipe for joy. In this four-week course, participants will explore yoga theory and embodiment practices to measure out and implement the ingredients of healthy personal and interpersonal boundaries.

Weekly 95-minute practices will examine the FORM of the body as a tool to bring more FORMALITY to our postures and presence. Embodied geometry and numerology will further support our investigation into the parameters at one's disposal for healthy containment and optimal engagement with life-at-large.

This 4-week series is priced on a sliding scale. Choose an amount that feels right for you ($60-$250).

Mondays: Sept 12, 19, 26, Oct 3 | 7:30-9:00pm | In-person only | Register


Gentle movement and an opening gratitude meditation will set the stage for an immersive sound bath. Passively explore physical and energetic embodiment harnessing the resonant combination of quartz crystal, Tibetan, and ceramic singing bowls.

This 60-minute session includes individualized attention with a series of sacredly-tuned tuning forks and specific chakra bowls. Sound healing can range from therapeutic to activating. All levels of yogis are welcome! Your experience will be truly unique to you.

This workshop is priced on a sliding scale. Choose an amount that feels right for you ($15-$100).

Sunday, September 25 | 7:30-8:45pm | In-person & online | Register


Join Dallas Rising and guest Dr. Cassandra Rose in this workshop that combines restorative yoga and acupuncture for grief support and healing. There will be a special focus on the element of metal and the lung organ which are both associated with grief in traditional Chinese medicine.

About Dr. Cassandra Rose: After earning her Master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine she went on to study in the Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program at the California Institute of Integral Studies before moving to the Twin Cities. Dr. Cassandra then completed her Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with Pacific College of Health and Science after getting her practice in Minnesota off the ground. She has completed clinical internships in Family Medicine, TCM Oncology, and Macular Regeneration.

This workshop is priced on a sliding scale. Choose an amount that feels right for you ($40-$150).

Sunday, October 2 | 2:00-4:00pm | In-person only | Register

Intro to Ashtanga with Phoebe Krejci

This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to get moving and have fun practicing Ashtanga Yoga in a small class environment. We’ll cover the basic sequences of Ashtanga yoga including sun salutations, standing series, primary series (to Navasana pose), and the finishing sequence, as well as adaptations to postures based on what your body needs.

Ashtanga is a traditional and dynamic flow practice that links breath, focus, movement, and stillness together in a therapeutic manner to increase energy and calm, as well as flexibility and strength. It is meant to be practiced regularly, and when done so, will strengthen the body, mind, and spirit. Some experience with yoga is recommended, but not required. Please direct questions about this workshop to

This workshop is priced on a sliding scale. Choose an amount that feels right for you.

Sundays, Oct 16-Nov 20 (6 weeks) | 4:00-5:15pm | In-person only | Register

Chanting & Tea with James Orione

Chanting is a beautiful and powerful practice. Through vibration and recitation we can quiet the mind and open the heart. But like any practice, in the beginning it can feel intimidating and we don’t know where to start. This is the place to start: an open, supportive, and inclusive environment, regardless of your experience or not having the voice for it. The chants that will guide us are in multiple languages, including Sanskrit and English. We will read from a chant book.

This event requires vaccine verification and will be socially distant.

This event is offered in the spirit of dana, or generosity. Donations are welcome.

Friday, October 28 | 7:30-8:30pm | In-person only | Register

The Big Cozy with Jana Huffman

At this workshop, you will begin with mindful, gentle movement to release tension. Next up will be a blend of yin and restorative yoga with plenty of time to melt into poses. Class will finish with an extended savasana. Grab your cozy socks, all your favorite props, and snuggle in!

This workshop is priced on a sliding scale. Choose an amount that feels right for you ($15-$100).

Sunday, November 6 | 2:00-4:00pm

In-person at the studio | Register

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