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March Workshops at One Yoga!

Join us for a workshop in March! Celebrate the new moon, the first day of spring, Ganesh, and more at One Yoga!


My Brothers Heal with Chance York

Saturday, March 18, 1:00-2:15pm, in-person at the studio

My Brothers Heal is an intro to yoga exclusively for Black men. The pressures of being a Black man in America come from all directions. Though yoga is an excellent practice of self-care, stress reduction, and mental health for everyone, there are very few spaces where Black men can practice among their peers. This class is a celebration of being Black, powerful, and healthy. Learn to better love the way you are and where you aim to go.


New Moon Sound Bath with Tamiko French

Saturday, March 18, 7:30-9:00pm, in-person at the studio

Be engulfed in an expansive environment of sound intended to realign your vibrational energy centers. Sound healing is an ancient concept, also known as sound meditation or sound bathing. Sound healing can reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, create a deep sense of wellbeing, and promote healing that goes well beyond simple relaxation. During this workshop, come be open to the sounds of the gong, Tibetan singing bowls, tongue drum, sansula, chimes, buffalo drum, shakers, and handpan surrounding you for 45 minutes lying down or sitting.


Surya Kriya - Fire Up the Sun Within with Pria Nepal

2-Day Weekend Workshop in-person at the studio

Saturday, March 18, 3:30-7:00pm & Sunday, March 19, 1:30-5:00pm

“Surya” means “sun” and “kriya” means “inner energy process.” This gentle 21 step process is a way of aligning yourself with the sun–the basic powerhouse for this planet. Surya Kriya activates the solar plexus to raise the samat prana, or solar heat, in the system. It also balances a person’s left and right energy channels, leading to stability of the body and stillness of the mind. Benefits include balanceing the body, mind, and energies; rejuvenating all the major organ systems and balancing hormonal levels; and supporting one to become meditative and experience peacefulness and joy.


Breath of the Seasons: A Restorative Ritual for the Vernal Equinox

with Greg Hines

Tuesday, March 21, 7:30-9:00pm, in-person at the studio

The season of Spring is coiled and emergent like a bed-spring. We awaken from the depth of Winter reeling to upright ourselves. The breath seeks to deepen, stretch, and yawn. The stride of your breath, like the stride of your step, finds its footing. In this 90-minute practice celebrating the vernal equinox and a new moon, we exalt seasonal cycles to invoke patience for the pace of life in times of transition. Mindful movement, propped-up restorative poses, and imaginative breath work will temper the body so we don't lose our temper amid Spring's steady yet slow ascension.


Womxn’s Vernal/Spring Equinox Circle with Emily Ann

Saturday, March 25, 2:00-5:00pm, in-person at the studio

This womxn's gathering is an opportunity to be seen and heard. This is where you can share openly in a safe, loving, sacred space/container. This group is for anyone who identifies as a womxn. The format will include brief check-ins, grounding and centering, speaking into a theme or topic for the circle, sharing time following group guidelines (or you may pass), and meditative closing.


Maha Ganesa Pancaratnam Chanting Workshop with Rosemary Erb

Sunday, March 26, 2:00-3:30pm, in-person at the studio

Ganesa/Ganesh is best known as the Elephant-headed Lord of Auspicious Beginnings, Obstacle Removal, or success in writing, travel, learning, and commerce. The Maha Ganesa Pancaratnam is a stotra, or chant, composed by Guru Sri Adi Shankaracharya in 8BC, praising the qualities and nature of Ganesh, in 5 verses, or the 5 jewels (panca ratnam). The 6th verse details the benefits of daily recitation, preferably in the mornings. This stotra, or chant, is inspiring and fun to learn by heart. Come learn the Maha Ganesa Pancaratnam to praise Ganesh.

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