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New Classes & Teachers Coming November 1!

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

We just added several NEW CLASSES and NEW TEACHERS to our fall class schedule! Schedule changes begin November 1, with additional classes beginning throughout the month. Check them out:

Sun 5:30pm Vinyasa w/ Julia Andrighetti Begins 11/6 | Register

Thurs 7:30pm Gentle & Restorative w/ Julia Andrighetti Begins 11/10 | Register

About Julia: Through yoga, I’ve found home in my body, and I desire to help guide others to this sense of self-belonging as well. The classroom/studio has always been a cathartic space for me, a haven of guidance and collective energy—a mutual exchange of giving and receiving. As an instructor my aim is to skillfully walk alongside you in your practice, creating space for your inner wisdom to expand, as you arrive at a greater sense of Self—body, breath, mind, being.


Sunday 7:00pm Gentle & Yoga Nidra w/ Emily Ann

Begins 11/6 | Register

About Emily: I am an energy healing practitioner and student of yoga, meditation, astrology, and plant medicine. I believe that we evolve over time, spiritually, philosophically, with our relationships. We are transformational beings. And, as such, are on journeys of self discovery and growth. This is the alchemy, this is the magic: That everything is alive and has spirit, or consciousness, and we are continually in the process of being extraordinary.


Sunday 11:30am Kundalini w/ Anastasia Aderinkomi

Begins 11/13 | Register

About Anastasia: Through the path of Kundalini Yoga, Anastasia (Prakash Joti) brings light into the lives of those who seek a higher purpose and teaches others the importance of commitment, discipline, and devotion in living life fully. Her promise is to bring forth the teachings with deepest sincerity to promote health, joy, and love into the lives of her students. Prakash Joti Kaur offers nurturing support while keeping students motivated to reveal their inner peaceful warriors.


And we have several new teachers who are temporarily subbing existing classes on our schedule!

  • Monday 6:00pm Kundalini has Vicki Snowden as a longterm sub

  • Tuesday 10:30 Gentle Flow has Dallas Rising as a longterm sub

  • Tuesday 6:00pm Vinyasa is now Hatha with Kai Adams as a longterm sub

  • Thursday 6:00pm Kundalini is now led by Sue Fitzgerald

  • Friday 9:30am Gentle Flow now has Rhianna Gawrys as a longterm sub

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