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Please Welcome Our New Guest Instructors!

We are happy to introduce Laura Peppin, Donna Addkison, Krista Lindgren, and Dr. Amrit Devgun as new guest instructors at One Yoga! They will sub classes on our schedule or hold special workshops in the studio.

Laura Peppin

Black and white headshot of Laura Peppin

Laura appreciates the profound sense of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual awareness, connection, and community that she has found through Kundalini. Laura's hope is to offer time, space, and guidance for you to experience Kundalini Yoga + Meditation in a way that feels beneficial and supportive to you. If you’re new to Kundalini or have any questions, please feel free to connect. Laura is also the Founder of Blueprint Wellness where she offers remote and in-person 1:1 and energy work sessions and workshops.

Donna Addkison

Headshot of Donna Addkison

Donna began practicing yoga in 2009 following a devastating medical diagnosis. Through pranayama, asana, mindfulness, meditation, and ayurvedic dietary changes, her transformation began. Against the odds, she completed her 200-hour training at Divine Light Yoga in Annapolis, Maryland determined to share the transformative power of yoga with others. Since then, she has taught in studios, gyms, community centers, performing arts buildings, parks, detention facilities, jails, and schools - always looking to expand access to trauma-informed yoga across all levels of physical ability. In 2020, she completed a 300-hour training through My Vinyasa. Currently an RYT500 level instructor, Donna will begin Soma Yoga Therapy training in the fall of 2024.

Krista Lindgren

Headshot of Krista Lindgren

Krista was first introduced to meditation and yoga through the Center of Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota, while pursuing her psychology degree. She was struggling with mental health issues and felt very lost. Learning these mindfulness practices was invaluable on her journey to well-being. She became more centered, compassionate, inquisitive, and felt more connected to everything around her. As someone who experienced a great sense of healing and self-exploration from yoga, it became important to Krista to share this practice with others. Her passion is to help her students along on their path to physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. She weaves breathing techniques, meditation, intention, and movement into her classes, finding a balance between effort and rest.

Dr. Amrit Devgun

Headshot of Dr. Amrit Devgun

Dr. Amrit Devgun is a naturopathic doctor and an ayurvedic practitioner who has been in clinical practice for over 28 years in the Twin Cities. She is passionate about connecting the dots between ancient wisdom and modern science. Dr. Amrit will be leading special workshops at One Yoga.

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