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  • Stephanie Schultz

SpringForwardMN Giving Opportunity at One Yoga

GiveMN is hosting a Spring giving event in Minnesota this year called SpringForwardMN from May 1-11. This aligns with the fundraising timeline for our move and build-out of a new studio. While we have already identified a small pool of funds to put toward opening a new space, we are looking to raise an additional $5,000 from individual donors. We are so excited to work together with the community to envision and build our new yoga home. Our goal date for returning to in-studio classes in the new space is September 2021.

We are specifically looking to raise funds for expenses related to the build-out, including:

  • Professional contractor/architect

  • Moving expenses

  • Marketing

  • Security deposit

  • POS hardware (computers, tablets, card readers)

  • Construction costs (inspection, demolition, carpentry, signage, electrical, etc)

Giving begins Saturday, May 1 and runs through Tuesday, May 11. Will you contribute to our goal of raising $5,000 during SpringForwardMN to put toward our future new studio?

Donate at

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