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  • Stephanie Schultz

Welcome New Board Members

Last month we welcomed three new members to our board of directors: Julia Holtemeyer, Ben Vincent, and Bryan Carpenter (pictured above, left to right).

Julia Holtemeyer: is an anti-racist feminist passionate about equity and serving community. Her professional work focuses on gender issues, including gender integration in global health and improving the criminal legal system response to gender-based violence. Julia’s work in gender-based violence began as a college student, when she worked at a rape crisis center and as a peer health educator. She later served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania, living and working at a secondary school in a small rural community. Julia applies her experience with gender studies, global health, public policy, and knowledge management to her commitments to equity and justice.

Bryan Carpenter: Within the Mysore-style practice space relationship is paramount to fostering a balanced [and by extension a sustainable] approach toward the physical and mental aspects of a “practice." As an instructor, I strive to establish an environment of support, trust, and open communication. I facilitate the individual’s path of growth which these rich traditions hold and impart to all who seek their limitless knowledge. It is a journey aided by the wisdom imparted by those who practice(d).

Ben Vincent: My teaching is a reflection of my life - I support students in awakening the full potential of body, mind and heart in service of Self-Realization. I aspire to transmit the timeless teachings of yoga authentically and accessibly. I specialize in in-depth study, practice and personalized/ therapeutic applications of yoga.

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