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  • Stephanie Schultz

Welcome to Our New Board Members

The One Yoga board will gain three new members beginning in December- Arleigh Truesdale, David Gusass, and Tatyana Kurilov (pictured above, left to right)-following a board recruitment effort over the past several months. A wonderful and compelling pool of applicants made decision-making a challenge, and the board extends sincere appreciation to all those who participated in the recruitment process.

We are so excited about the level of energy each new member will bring to the board, as well as their unique skills and perspectives. Arleigh, David, and Tatyana are all highly engaged members of the One Yoga community with a deep commitment to social justice. They bring expertise in the areas of finance, leadership, community organizing, and research, among others.

Building a strong board at such an important transition time for the organization is essential and we look forward to learning from Arleigh, David, and Tatyana, and pursuing our mission to improve health equity together!

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